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Praut Cn-2D

Praut CN-2D systtem was develped with to simpler tool machines programming, especially Oxgen cut, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet and Wood’s industry machines. The system is completely interactive and it helps you in all programming, it can be interfaced with commercial CAD with DXFDXF, NC1, CAM exit. The software allows breaking in of all geometric and technological informations necessary for the tool machine, until data generation for the CNC and their transfer. In every step corrections, controls and plotting of piece on printer is possible. Moreover, the programmer have not to know single tool machine paticolars.

Why choose Praut CN-2D?


Depending on the needs of the customer, can be created custom forms allowing the direct connection between the order management, technical, office planning, CNC department. Are no longer needed paper documents that are passed from one office to another. Upon request at the end of the whole can be interfaced to industrial accounting and billing.


In the program Praut Cn-2D conventional applications in oxyfuel, plasma, laser and waterjet cutting performance guarantees high reliability. Turns out to be flexible and easy to use in his figures obtained from 2D CAD. The program is supported by a technological database and a database for the management of the quantities to be processed based on well-defined parameters, such as Customer, Job, Material, thickness, etc. Delivery Date. At the end of the process there is a cost savings on products high. There are tools that increase the productivity of the system as (common cut, bridges, collision control, micro breaks, sanding, cutting continuous, etc..). The inclusion of optional modules allow you to create a custom tool to the needs of each customer).


A quarterly newsletter via e-mail updates of new customer of the new release. The customer contract with the update can be downloaded directly from the Internet for updates.


A technician is present during the working day from Monday to Friday and by appointment on Saturday morning.

Ability to customize the software

To adapt it to your needs as we are retailers but especially PRODUCERS!


Personal estimates creation
You can print or interface with all professional word processor (like Microsoft Word)

Orders managing

Customer management
Managing orders of indexing cut by job / customer, you can control it in every moment with different search keys (design, material, thickness, ecc…)
You can use bars code to become simpler operations
Ability to integrate with business software order management

Users personalizations

Material cost
Revenue from scrap
Increase rectangle
Percentage of revenue
Appraisal loaded time / drainage for single product in relation to its weight
Load time / unload sheet
Month load / annual for single machine

Warehouse management

Entire sheets
Sheets already partly processed
Instantaneous valorization warehouse sheets on paper of external calculation (Microsoft Excel need)
Instantaneous valorization warehouse you discard on sheet of external calculation (Microsoft Excel need)


Manual / semi-automatic / automatic / mixed
Material with drawal of money from the warehouse entire sheets, or the warehouse sheets you discard or input dimensions in manual shape
Working with multiple torches
Availability of macro geometric figures in the plan
Multiple technologies (bridges, cut in continuous, cut in common, etc…)
Possibility to duplicate in automatic rifle the attributes of a piece on all the copies inserted in that determining nesting
Definition areas flash
Recovery scrap of inner profiles of whichever shape
Preview of nesting given to you
Movements in express to outside of pieces cut to you
Optimization of the cut distances holding account of the figures you nest
Allocation priority of cut in way mixed / manual /automatic rifle
Creation press of the entire one nesting, report pieces cuts to you, labels, report jobs
And more…


Automatic creation in language ESSI, ISO, created EIA of the Nesting
Export of the job in DXF Cad format
Insertion messages for the operator and commandos directed in language machine
Subdivision in more parts of the tape to second of the ability to the memory of the CN

Simple, customizable, and at an economical price

The ideal software designed and developed to improve the efficiency of your company.