The system WinTerm / Windnc has been developed with the aim to simplify the transmission and reception of machine code via RS232 (serial port) from the PC to the machine tool and vice versa.

In extreme ease and very short time, transmit and receive tapes in machine code to and from the CNC. Thus it eliminates the waste of time in transcribing the tapes manually on the CNC, or you can delete the old magnetic media (floppy or tape player) from the CNC. Ensuring an archive up to date on the PC prepared and always on hand for any changes on the tapes.

Possible connection lines
    • Line amplifiers with high insulation to eliminate power surges and for achieving long distances (mt 1200)
    • Network via with ethernet converters in Rs232


DNC module (optional)
InterSystems now offers the possibility to eliminate also the loss of time for the physical transfer from PC to CNC. In fact DNC module is available directly from the machine allows for the recall of tapes in machine code from the PC (for Cnc having alphanumeric keyboard). Always with ease, we can recall or store tapes, all without add or change the hardware configuration of the CNC. Important thing to point out that the whole is realized with the presence of only one operator (the machine tool).

Simple, customizable, and at an economical price

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