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Digifat is the complete and cutting-edge Management Software: Thanks to the modularity, the Cloud and the experience in the development of customized software, our Digifat product satisfies every need, from the small professional to the large company with over 100 employees. Digifat is characterized by a dynamic management system, where all processes are digitized following the guidelines of Industry 4.0; The Software was completely written with Web language. These are some of its features:

Why choose Digifat?


Functional, suitable for all production and professional needs.


Intuitive and customizable for all activities.


A quarterly newsletter via e-mail updates of new customer of the new release. The customer contract with the update can be downloaded directly from the Internet for updates.


A technician is present during the working day from Monday to Friday and by appointment on Saturday morning.

DDT (Transport Document)

The DDT is a transport document, it is issued to justify the transfer of a material from transferor to transferee. The management system offers the possibility to create, compile, print transport documents and convert them into invoices.

Contract management

This functionality solves the needs relating to the invoicing of contracts and the related assistance fees, the list price and the identification of the items (materials and services) covered by the contract. It is possible to define the expiration of the contract for the automatic renewal and the type of contract for the analyses. Finally, it is possible to define the contractual periodicity with the possibility of establishing it annually or fractionally.

Quotation management

In this section you can make work estimates. It is possible to estimate for our customers any type of company activity, the system already has the function of transforming the estimate order into: Offer, Order, Order.

Order management

The Order Management function allows the company, considering the documents sent by e-mail, to verify whether the material has correctly arrived at its destination, guaranteeing transparency, clarity and timeliness.

Tax drawer unloading

The ‘Download of the Tax Drawer’ function allows you to effectively monitor the presence of your invoices on the Elabora management system and on the tax drawer of the Revenue Agency (ADE), by clicking on the ‘Consult Invoices’ button. In the event that some invoices are misaligned, this function allows them to be realigned instantly by simply clicking on the ‘Align invoices from tax drawer’ button.

Invoice notifications by email

This convenient feature allows you to stay up to date on receiving invoices. For each invoice received, an e-mail notification of receipt will be sent to the address entered in the registry.


The diary can be used in the following ways: Classic, Shared company appointments and appointment diary for medical offices or similar.


Various types of reports are available for the following areas:

  • Billing management
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Order management
  • Outstanding management
  • Payment management
  • Sales statistics

And other customized reports that can be activated on request.

Orders and geolocation

Order management is the condition for planning quality and results, safety, time and profitability.

With job management, you can effectively monitor the following data:

  • The time taken to carry out a particular project or service;
  • The time to carry out each single planned activity;
  • Productivity and yield for each area or qualification;
  • Management costs.

The Intersystems/Elaboraweb module effectively monitors all of this.

Integration with social networks (WhatsApp) allows external collaborators to simply insert the hours, via a start and end button and the type of work performed, furthermore, through our geolocation solution it is possible to know the hours worked in real time and the construction site where the operator worked.

Purchase orders

Through the purchase order form, it is possible to manage the partial arrival of the material.

Through some search filters, we can know at any time which material is missing and from which supplier.

Once the material has arrived, using the button (van icon) we can automatically generate the incoming DDT, with immediate loading of the warehouse.

Important from All documents: DDT – Orders – Invoices etc. we can enter the single line of the material in the job order. 

Ability to customize the software

To adapt it to your needs as we are retailers but especially PRODUCERS!


The ideal software designed and developed to improve the efficiency of your company.